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Full access to our theme, the step-by-step guide, unlimited updates and our amazing support!
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Do I have to sign a long contract or something weird?

Absolutely not! No long term contracts what-so-ever. Cool beans, right?

I’m not techie at all... will this be complicated for me?

If you can turn on a computer and connect to the Internet…you are tech-savvy enough for Conversion Cats! The step-by-step guide and videos hold your hand through the process every single step of the way. And if you REALLY don’t want to do it, Conversion Cats can easily be setup by your virtual assistant or your weird cousin who lives in your house.

I have an old website. Can I move it to Conversion Cats?

It depends.  If it’s an old website on WordPress, then there’s a good chance the answer is YES.  The best thing to do is to send our support team a request at support [at]  Send as much detail as you can (including your current site login info).  Another idea is that it might not be a bad idea to setup a new account with a new host using a temporary URL (we have a recommendation in the first lesson of our guide), setup Conversion Cats on this new host and then when you are ready to go live with your new site, we can help you point your domain over to this new host.

What does Conversion Cats integrate with?

Well, this list could get very long because Conversion Cats should be able to integrate with most up-to-date WordPress plugins and all popular mail list services.  Some of the key integrations that will most likely answer your immediate question is that Conversion Cats integrates with Aweber, MailChimp, Ontraport, ConvertKit and InfusionSoft.  It also integrates with plugins such as LeadPages and Easy Digital Downloads (which the latter helps you sell digital products via Stripe or PayPal – we walk you through all of this in our guide).  If you have a question about a specific plugin or integration, just shoot us an email at support [at]

Does Conversion Cats replace LeadPages?

It’s really up to you.  You don’t need LeadPages to use Conversion Cats, we have our own custom landing pages that are built directly on your site and easily connect to your email lists.  We also have opt-in popups that you can link to throughout various elements on your site, such as sidebar ad boxes that look really cool!   BUT… if you like LeadPages and want to use that in conjunction with Conversion Cats, you can definitely do that!

Who owns my content?

You. We are super flattered that you think we might want some…but it’s all yours

How many sites can I use my Conversion Cats license on?

Right now, each license is good for one domain only.  So, if you need to purchase additional licenses, you’d just purchase those individually. Also, you can use the same account to purchase your additional licenses, which will make things easy for you to manage in your Conversion Cats account page!

I have a question who should I contact?

We’d recommend you first check out our support documentation and if you don’t find an immediate answer to your question, then shoot us an email at support [at]




We know Conversion Cats is the best WordPress theme ever. Of ALLLLLL time. And it is going to do wonders for you, your brand and your business (often one in the same, right?).

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“Seriously the easiest theme I’ve ever set up (less than 24 hours). And without any compromises, too. It looks like I paid a designer $10,000 to set this up. You’ve outdone yourselves!”

Nick Stephenson
Author & Entrepreneur

“I have zero (maybe even negative) tech ability, and I had my site up in three days.  It’s actually fun to use, which I never thought I would say about a WordPress theme. I adore the tutorial videos, and I refer back to them on occasion when I forget how to change certain things. Brad Hogan is awesome. I received such prompt, helpful, thorough support while I was getting everything the way I wanted it; that alone is worth the cost of the theme.”

Entrepreneur & Screenplay Expert

“If you hate building your email list and love having your website thinly strapped together by dozens of plugins, don’t use Conversion Cats. BUT if you’re sane and actually want to make money with your website, this is the best investment you’ll make, hands down.”

Digital Entrepreneur

“Ok, so a few months ago I knew I needed to move from just having a couple of ‘squeeze pages’ to getting a proper website up for my platform.  I ABSOLUTELY DREADED the thought of finding a WordPress theme, trying to put all the pieces together, and getting the site opt-in friendly. Most importantly, I didn’t want crappy design. A few days after I began searching for themes, DSG announced Conversion Cats. I flipped out, because I have been a Course Cats customer since its launch last year, and I know full-well the quality that David and Brad put into their feline products!”

Jared MacIlvaine

“As an attorney, mom, wife, volunteer, (you get the picture), I don’t have time to be changing my site or calling on a designer every time I want to update the look of my page.  Conversion Cats gave me a fresh new site THAT I CAN CHANGE without compromising my content.  It took me about 2 days once I actually got to work.  I was transferring everything over from another WP site and the transition could not have gone smoother.  The support I received was quick and thorough… VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE SUPPORT!! I’ve already recommended Conversion Cats to another entrepreneur who is waiting on the release.”

Lourdes Hilliard
Lawyer & Entrepreneur

“I literally took myself to a cafe and sat through each lesson in order: play, pause, do. play, pause, do (with a head cold!). And just a couple of
days later, Version 1 is live. Everyone LOVES my site. I really feel that it is supporting my list building (in full-on list-building mode now). I feel PROUD to send people there.”

Career Positioning Expert

“Conversion Cats has eliminated the need to hire a designer & a programmer – and has saved me big $$$$$!  Prior to using Conversion Cats, I wasted MONTHS trying to set up a Genesis theme all to just be disappointed and embarrassed by how my site looked. Conversion Cats completely changed that – I’m actually proud to show people my site.  No need to waste hours tinkering around in Canva or Photoshop to make hero images or featured images anymore, Conversion Cats has made my whole brand and website uniform and consistent.  So much love for this product. It was an impulse buy at the time, but I have not regretted it one bit.”

Phil Aube​ Digital

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$197 every 3 mo.


Full access to our theme, the step-by-step guide, unlimited updates and our amazing support!
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$497 per year


Full access to our theme, the step-by-step guide, unlimited updates and our amazing support!
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