Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are offering an extended 30-day free trial. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we are offering an extended 30-day free trial.

A complete website solution for personal brands, influencers & experts who want to grow their business & dominate their market.

Without needing a designer, developer and team of 1,000 nerds.

Conversion Cats is the only online website and platform management tool you'll need to promote your free content and grow your email lists. Forget expensive web designers. Forget lumping together a bunch of third-party products that don’t work properly together. Forget the stress. We’ve got you covered with everything you need.

David Siteman Garland (DSG), co-founder of Conversion Cats & CEO of Create Awesome Online Courses

So, What Is Conversion Cats?

I (and by “I” I mean David Siteman Garland – aka DSG – aka co-founder of Conversion Cats) wanted a fresh new look for my website TheRiseToTheTop.com and had to get it created, designed & up online… even though I had zero tech skills. This my friend, created quite the pickle.

Here was the challenge:

  • I wanted a site that was freakin’ beautiful & reflected my personality (because, let’s be honest, looks matter BIG TIME when it comes to your website). Sort of like I hired a big time branding and design expert (errr…. but without hiring a big time branding and design expert hah).
  • I wanted it to be easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage… oh, and look like I hired a 6-figure developer.
  • I wanted it to be FLEXIBLE so I could add things like a blog, product pages.  Essentially whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
  • I wanted my site to be an OPT-IN MACHINE! Meaning, I wanted to grow my email list big time and the design and functionality of the site had to be super easy (and obvious) for people to opt in so I could grow, grow, grow my email list.
  • I didn’t want to spend like 7 zillion dollars (and all kinds of extra money anytime I wanted to change something big or small. “Oh you want to change that small photo of you in the corner. That will be $1,000 muhaha.”)
  • I wanted the site to look good on all devices. Nothing worse than when you try to load someone’s site on your phone and it looks like crap. Crap = not good & no conversions.
  • Because I have the patience of a flea, I didn’t want to wait forever for my site to be designed and developed. Yesterday seems like a good deadline, right?!
  • Oh and finally, last but not least, I wanted to make sure the site worked with the other technology I was using like my email service, etc.

Too much to ask?

And here’s the problem:

Despite searching near and far, I was out of luck. It looked like I was screwed and would have to compromise on pretttttyyyy much everything.

It looked like I had two options:

1. Hire a designer and developer. I could have a pretty site that looked nice (fingers crossed), but would cost an arm and a leg (maybe two legs). It would mean wait times and money spent (and even more money spent if lord forbid I wanted to make changes). And it might look nice and pretty, but would it convert when it’s all said and done?!  Meaning, what happens if people aren’t signing up for my email list, webinars, newsletter, whatever-it-might be and I’ve sunk all of this money into this thing? And if you aren’t growing your email list you aren’t growing your business.


2. Buy a weird cheap-o theme and have a horrible ugly site that maybe converts but looks terrible. We have all seen those. Spammy looking. Tons of arrows. Ugly. They *might* get people to sign up for your email list (errr….maybe), but it hurts your brand big time (and that know, like and trust factor).

YIKES!  Obviously not great options.  

So what did I do?

So I went to Brad (my developer and co-cat) and pleaded. Begged. Basically kidnapped him and offered him a big challenge:

He had to make the best damned WordPress theme in the world for people who want to have a content website with a high focus on growing their email list!

AND make it so easy to put your site together that your head would spin without needing a developer, designer and a psychiatrist (shhhh we won’t tell them that you won’t need ‘em).

Introducing Conversion Cats:  THE WordPress solution for turning visitors into leads and lifelong subscribers.

Looks Amazing.  Your friends are going to be peanut butter and jealous when they see how awesome your site looks. Your secret is safe with us, we won’t tell them that you didn’t hire a branding brainstorming team halfway around the world and three of the world’s top designers.

Simple to Setup.  We provide simple instructions on how to setup everything (it’s as fast and easy as you can get with something this gorgeous). What good is something if you have to hire a physicist, a chemist and the entire Geek Squad to set it up for you? Or you can measure the length it takes to setup on a sundial? Conversion Cats comes with a complete setup guide and step-by-freakin’-step videos so you get complete handholding to setup to your site. Do it yourself or pass it off to a friend (or virtual assistant). It’s that easy!

The Perfect Amount of Custom Options.  All about simplicity. Not making it too complicated with 5,803,928 options but having enough that you can match your personality and ultimately make it look like you hired a pro. Want to change something on your site? A few clicks here and there and you are done (no need to wait for a developer or pay those extra bills).

Mobile Responsive.  No more of “it looks like crap on my phone”. Our theme is 100% responsive – it looks great on computers, laptops, tablets, phones maybe even Etch-A-Sketches but we haven’t tested that one yet.

Integrates with Your Favorite Software.  Whether you are using Aweber, MailChimp, Ontraport, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft or Active Campaign to manage your opt-in lists, Conversion Cats integrates with them all (and we show you how in our step-by-step guide!).  Still want to use LeadPages in conjunction with Conversion Cats for the one-two knockout punch, no problem!

One-on-one Site Migration Assistance.  Need a little help setting up your site from scratch or migrating “your stuff” from another site? Our support team is standing by at NO EXTRA CHARGE (what?! seriously?!).  We can help you setup what’s called a staging site so that you can install Conversion Cats and get your new site all setup and ready. Then, when you want to go live with your new site, our support team will help you make it happen!

Has full support (from real humans). Ever buy some software and feel completely stuck, only to realize that you’ve got nobody to speak to about it? Yeah, so have I. So we made sure Conversion Cats comes with unlimited support as standard (in addition to hours of in-depth video training showing you how to set everything up).

As an attorney, mom, wife, volunteer, (you get the picture), I don’t have time to be changing my site or calling on a designer every time I want to update the look of my page. Conversion Cats gave me a fresh new site THAT I CAN CHANGE without compromising my content. It took me about 2 days once I actually got to work. I was transferring everything over from another WP site and the transition could not have gone smoother. The support I received was quick and thorough… VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE SUPPORT!! I’ve already recommended Conversion Cats to another entrepreneur who is waiting on the release.

Lourdes Hilliard, Lawyer & Entrepreneur

What can I do with Conversion Cats?

High Converting Home Pages

When a reader visits your website, you want them to take action. Whether that’s reading your latest blog post, or signing up to your email list, we’ve got you covered. Use our powerful home page templates to create beautiful designs that look like you hired a six-figure designer.

Custom Landing Pages

Offer a free download or other valuable (free) info to get readers on to your mailing list. After analyzing hundreds of thousands of visitors, we’ve designed our landing page templates to get you the highest conversion possible.

Video Series

Build anticipation – grow your list and increase your digital product and course sales!  Get visitors to opt-in for a video series and at the end of the 3-part, 4-part (whatever-part), send them to a sales page!  It’s a method we’ve followed ourselves to increase our sales.

Sell Digital Products

Do you have one-off digital products and downloads that you sell?  Puurrrfect.  We’ll show you how to create a simple landing page so you can list and sell these digital products directly on your site.  No need for clunky third party sites that don’t match your brand – do it all in one place!

Blog & Podcast

Of course Conversion Cats comes with an amazing blog and podcast template.  Easily share your free content so readers get hooked, subscribe to your list and ultimately become lifelong fans (and customers for the paid goodies you plan to sell in the future, of course!).

Grow Your Email List

Your top priority should be growing your email list.  It’s the main reason David (DSG / co-founder) has been successfully selling his online courses and products.  We’ve built TONS of opt-in features within Conversion Cats so you can do the same.

And of course, there’s more…

You also get a drop-dead gorgeous default page template (use for pages like your “about” page) and access to hours of in-depth video training (and live support) to help you get set up the way YOU want, as quickly as possible – often in less than 24 hours.

Is this for me?

If you answer YES to any of these examples below, then this is absolutely for you.

  • The Lost DIY-er.  You are spinning your wheels, getting frustrated and compromising on what you REALLY want out of your website. No longer! Conversion Cats is for you my friend.
  • The Cheap-But-Reasonable Entrepreneur.  Oh you mean you don’t want to spend $5,000-$10,000 to hire some peeps and instead want something even BETTER (and faster…and less expensive). A website that looks amazing and works like a charm? Conversion Cats is for you my friend.
  • The Clunky Hacked Together DIY-er.  You’ve bought 8,000 themes, tried playing with 500 plugins and are now in a hot, frustrating mess. Never fear, Conversion Cats is here to save the day for you.

If you hate building your email list and love having your website thinly strapped together by dozens of plugins, don’t use Conversion Cats. BUT if you’re sane and actually want to make money with your website, this is the best investment you’ll make, hands down.

Neal Samudre

What’s next?

If you wanted to hire Brad to create a custom WordPress site just like Conversion Cats, it would cost AT LEAST $5,000 (closer to $10,000 actually) and his schedule is so crazy (and he has to have time for mountain biking) that he isn’t accepting new clients.

Here’s the thing: We wanted to make this no-freakin-brainer affordable for you because the world deserves more amazing-looking and amazing-working websites.
And you deserve it too.

We have two amazing subscription plans to choose from below (annual or quarterly) so regardless of your budget, you can create your amazing opt-in focused site without the fuss and stress of hiring 4,987 different designers, developers and downloading who knows how many themes and plugins (yeah, we know you’re guilty, but it’s okay, we’ve got your back!).

Regardless if you go with annual or quarterly you will get ALL the benefits of Conversion Cats including unlimited support and unlimited updates.

We know Conversion Cats is the best WordPress theme ever. Of ALLLLLL time. And it is going to do wonders for you, your brand and your business (often one in the same, right?).


We stand behind Conversion Cats and know that if you try it you will love it (and will be hooked like a cat on catnip… in a good way). Test drive it for 30 days (and yes, you get every single feature… from the amazing homepage options to all of the landing page options too), and if you aren’t happy, simply cancel anytime in the first 30 days.

How about them kittens?

Ok, so a few months ago I knew I needed to move from just having a couple of ‘squeeze pages’ to getting a proper website up for my platform. I ABSOLUTELY DREADED the thought of finding a WordPress theme, trying to put all the pieces together, and getting the site opt-in friendly. Most importantly, I didn’t want crappy design. A few days after I began searching for themes, DSG announced Conversion Cats. I flipped out, because I have been a Course Cats customer since its launch last year, and I know full-well the quality that David and Brad put into their feline products!

Jared MacIlvaine


Do I have to sign a long contract or something weird?

Absolutely not! No long term contracts what-so-ever. Cool beans, right?

I’m not techie at all... will this be complicated for me?

If you can turn on a computer and connect to the Internet…you are tech-savvy enough for Conversion Cats! The step-by-step guide and videos hold your hand through the process every single step of the way. And if you REALLY don’t want to do it, Conversion Cats can easily be setup by your virtual assistant or your weird cousin who lives in your house.

I have an old website. Can I move it to Conversion Cats?

Maybe.  If your current site is on WordPress, then it should be super easy to use Conversion Cats.  If your site is on another platform, such as SquareSpace, Blogger, etc., then it might be slightly more complicated.  The best thing to do is to send us a support ticket and let us know how your current site is setup (where it’s hosted and what platform you think it’s on – e.g. WordPress, SquareSpace, etc.) and we’ll let you know how easy (or difficult) the move will be.  It’s also important to note that no matter what, we can help you create a “staging” site where you can install Conversion Cats and keep your current site live and unaffected until you’re ready to make your new Conversion Cats site live – this is something we can help you with regardless of the platform you are using.

What does Conversion Cats integrate with?

Well, this list could get very long because Conversion Cats should be able to integrate with most up-to-date WordPress plugins and all popular mail list services.  For example, you can use Aweber, MailChimp, Ontraport, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, MailerLite and even more as your mail service.  Our theme also works well with plugins such as LeadPages and Easy Digital Downloads.  If you have a question about a specific plugin working with Conversion Cats, simply send us a support ticket and we’d be happy to look into it.

Does Conversion Cats replace LeadPages?

It can, but it’s really up to you and how you use LeadPages.  Conversion Cats comes with tons of opt-in options so you can easily connect your email lists to landing pages, video series pages, opt-in buttons and other calls-to-action directly on your site.  That being said, if you like to use LeadPages for certain aspects of your business and opt-ins, you can continue to do so.  It’s totally up to you!

Who owns my content?

You do! We are super flattered that you think we might want some…but it’s all yours.

How many sites can I use my Conversion Cats license on?

Each license is good for one WordPress install.  So, yoursite.com and subdomain.yoursite.com would each require a unique license.  We provide a 20% off coupon for additional licenses so just send us a support ticket when you are looking to purchase a license for a different domain and we’ll send you a secret link to use.